So, I decided that I’ll work on three DIY projects this month YAY!!!!


1. Dream book/Scrapbooking (is that still a thing?) I like cutting and pasting things so this is what I’m doing

IMG_20150612_114508     IMG_20150612_114500

2. Painting YAY! My friend and I have decided to paint, I don’t know what we are going to paint but it’s going to be AMAZING!!!

3. Training for a marathon- Trying to train for a marathon!! That is a DIY, Wae? Because I am training and doing it by myself 🙂

Next May I hope to run the Lupus Foundation Marathon in Downtown Houston. This year I volunteered with my sister and the atmosphere was AMAZING! I really want to a part of something like that and this coming from someone who likes exercise but hates running. Wish me luck!

Snapchat-829725154876009081 Snapchat--5347284245364943068 Snapchat--8187903474051240148


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