Bringing Back My Creativity!

Woke up today and realized that I have not created and programs or activities in like two years!  If you knew me then you’d probably shocked because I am a person that needs to be working and moving at all times and hearing that I haven’t created or planned a program, activitity, or event is just beyond… I don’t even know. Examples of things I’ve done

1. Created recruitment and retention packages

2. Developed Afterschool programs for fourth and fifth grade girls WPRLD OF DANCE!! I miss my kids 😦

3. Spray painted recycled glass and turned them into vases for Cultural Fest (I miss planning events)

4. Developed an undergraduate Regional Studies course (I miss research and interacting with communities).

Looking for a job is in itself a full time job so I think I kind of lost myself so, this June while looking for a job I am going to just make something/ create something/do something. DIY HERE I COME!

JUNE IS……BRINGING BACK MY CREATIVITY MONTH by Friday I’ll decide what I want to do.



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