This quote definitely describes who I am as well as who I aspire to be…..

Don’t let anyone tell you different because you my friend are not plain white rice, you are JOLLOF RICE!

– Anonymous

Now the only people who would probably understand this statement are West Africans or persons who grew up around that culture. Jollof rice is an orange rice that is not eaten every day and is made on special occasions. That rice everyone wants, but no one can have unless you have a mom, aunt, or grandma who knows how to cook this delicate rice.  So why am I Jollof rice? Because… I just am and I choose to be. I am Joycelyn the girl who on occasion surprises my peers and colleagues with my wit and perseverance, The woman who loves to be challenged and loves not only learning new thing but succeeding in them. I am Joycelyn Ghansah and like Jollof rice, I choose to be me, great, and choose who, what, when, where, and how I live.


Fancy Ghanaian Jollof
Fancy Ghanaian Jollof


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